AnimeFansBase BBCode Supported Tag

Supported BBCode tags:

Note :- * Tags With symbol this will not work while creating post
* Tags With symbol this will not work on private chat.

[b]{text}[/b] Makes {text} bold
[i]{text}[/i] Makes {text} italic
[u]{text}[/u] Makes {text} underlined
[s]{text}[/s] Makes {text} strike through | Ex- Strike
[size={number}]{text}[/size] Changes the font-size of {text}  [Note > Max Size Accepted 36 ]
[font={font-family}]{text}[/font] Changes the font-family of {text}
[color={colour}]{text}[/color] Changes the colour of {text}
[center]{text}[/center] Centers {text} on page
[align={left|center|right}]{text}[/align]** Aligns {text} on page to left, center or right
[palign={left|right}]{text}[/palign]** Float {text} on page to left or right after using this,
what you right on next line can also flow around it,
[user]{text}[/user] Makes a shortcut link of {text} AnimeFansBase Username Profile ,
If AnimeFansBase username not found with {text} it will print {text} in red colour
Makes a link or named link to {url} , if a user click on that link it will open in same tab
[nurl={url}]{text}[/nurl] Makes a link or named link to {url} , if a user click on that link it will open in new tab
[hashtag]{hashtext}[/hashtag]* Makes a shortcut link with dark purple color and in bold which redirects you too animefansbase hash search page of this {hashtext}
Note > It just create a direct link but it will not link your content with your text.
[bull /] Outputs bullet: •
[copyright /] Outputs "copyright" symbol: ©
[registered /] Outputs "registered" symbol: ®
[tm /] Outputs "trademark" symbol: ™
Shows the image indicated by {url}
[img width={number} height={number}] {url}[/img]*
Shows {url} image resized to {width} and {height}
Note > This BBCode is not supported on some page.
Creates a quotation box containing {text} or quotation box quoting {name} as saying {text}
[code]{text}[/code] Outputs {text} to a pre formatted text block

List items:

Displays a list of {items}
  [*] Item one
  [*] Item two
  [li]Item one[/li]
  [li]Item two[/li]
Possible {list-style} values:
none, disc, circle, square, decimal, decimal-leading-zero, lower-roman, upper-roman, lower-greek, lower-alpha, lower-latin, upper-alpha, upper-latin, hebrew, armenian, georgian, cjk-ideographic, hiragana, katakana, hiragana-iroha, katakana-iroha
Makes {text} subscript
[sup]{text}[/sup]** Makes {text} superscript
[p]{text}[/p]** Outputs {text} to a paragraph block
Shows the youtube video indicated by {id}