Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While Creating Post In Your Profile use two times @@ and put username of a member you want to link post .
Example -> @@(Username to Link Post)
Note -> When You Will Post @@(Username To Link Post) will be removed from post .

  -> By Clicking This Icon That Item Will Be Post In Your Profile Post .
  -> If You Find Information Is Wrong of an item Then You Can Click And Report That To Us , you will also received points .
  -> This Item Is Not Added In Your Collection .
  -> This Item Added In Your Collection .
Note  -> If Created By Is Written in Red Colour That means , this embed content is essential (Best Of The Best)
If Username or name on comment is written in purple colour that means that comment is of that content creater.

Yes you can put maximum 4 Hashtag in a single post

Maximum 1 or 2 day it can take to verify your content,
but if your profile level is above 4 your content will still appear without verification

You Are Using English Name Of Anime , Try Using Japnese Name of it .
If You Are Using Japnese Name Of Anime , Try Using English Name of it .
But Most Of The Time We Recommend Japanese Name ( Original ) to search.

Our site work best with chrome browser but if you are using other browser put zoom to 90% for best experience.
If you still face any issue while using our site, please submit the feedback so that we can fix those bugs.

If You Are The Original Creater Of The Channel And Your Channel Video Is Added By Other Member,
Do below process to verify your channel and we will put your animefansbase username in added by on all of your embed video.
1. Message To Our Youtube Channel By writing your animefansbase username From your Youtube Channel
2. Send Request to [email protected] to change username of your embed video added by other member.