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Why Donate ?

AnimeFansBase is created with tons of month of hard work but still without paying its operation bills , hosting fees we can't run it.
Donations help us to pay it’s operation bills , improve it’s services and much more which cost us more than 52$ per month.

Currently AnimeFansBase is in low end Server due to which you will get long load time,
And some features like chat-room etc we are not able to make because it can cause high load.
So Our Next Goal Is to upgrade server, enhance and improving the feature of animefansbase and start working on app version.

So why should you donate?

Since AnimeFansbase Currently doesn't support ads so currently bills and everything of animefansbase is managed by a single person,
if that person can’t pay the bills site may collapse.
By donating you help alleviate the cost on that person. All donations go towards the site and are used to benefit the site.

How do I donate ?

You can choose one of the choice from below .
If you have PayPal account you can easily donate us by clicking below link of
Support AnimeFansBase Through PayPal
Or By Filling Below Form, please do not forgot to give AFB username if you are donating through above link.

What do I get if I donate ?

Right now? Only the satisfaction in knowing you’ve supported the site.
But supporters whom really helped finance the upgrades to website features will get a something special in future .
Once you’ve donated please let us know what name/nick to list your donation under. If we don’t hear from you we’ll list it as anonymous .

Thanks in advance for your support, it’s greatly appreciated